See Mystery Sounds

Recently I’ve been curious as a designer if it’s better to keep what you learn and create ever changing, or focus on something specific. When I think of well-known creatives, they are often well-known because they do one thing really well. Makes sense. The more time you spend on something the higher skill, exposure etc etc you gain. But is there satisfaction in the repetition of being the black and white photography guy, or the typographic web developer girl? One day, maybe I’ll find out if I discover a niche I want to spend the rest of my career pursuing. But in the mean time I’m gonna continue to venture into the unknown, and that leads me too this post. I had a New Years resolution to try something new, and that was to create an album. This includes the music, album design, music videos, then publishing online. Not particularly as an attempt to become a musician, but as a learning exercise. It started off relatively easy, but then I discovered the complexity of it all. It was a good journey though, going into more depth with music and video software will help a lot in my future, but if anything it broadened my scope rather than narrowing it! The music itself was created with various recent influences including vaporwave and electronic music.

You can download it here for free or pay what you like.

Music videos will be found here.

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