Research, context and design

Some things lecturers say stick many years later, others don’t *cough* art history class *cough*. One that did was in my final year, he drew a chart for me which looked similar to the first image below. It’s a way of working on design projects. The words research, context and design rotate around artifact. Artifact being the thing you’re making, and the other three being ways of working. Research: Researching the target market, audience and existing design. Context: Is the idea, what I’m researching and designing relevant? Design: Create. These aren’t steps but rather ways of thinking that you should… Read more »


It’s 4:34am on a Thursday. Coffee was drunk at a time it shouldn’t have been and I’m waiting to fall asleep. It’s at this time the idea for this post was made. This, like so many other ideas came from one of my favourite techniques for creative thinking, using the time before sleep to focus on the project. I personally visualise a black canvas thats infinite in all directions. A thought that once gave me nightmares as a kid has become a studio space. Abstract movements appear and manifest into relevant and abstract visuals. If you can keep focus on… Read more »

Typography in a Can

Typography in a can, what more can I say. This entry is basically a conglomeration of things on my to try list, and thats what this blog is for. After studying Japanese a bit I’ve been wanting to incorporate it into my design and also try crafting some of the kanji, a challenge indeed. Considering a 3D ampersand would probably be the most complicated to create in english, it’s nothing compared to some of the kanji. I’ve stuck only to hiragana this time. I can almost say with certainty that there are mistakes but you have to start somewhere, apologies… Read more »


I was going to make a downloadable typeface for this entry, but decided this would have a more interesting result, I’ll probably do that within the next few weeks if I can think of a good idea. I was thinking of this saying… do everything in moderation. For the most part I think it’s pretty important and try pretty hard to stick to it. So I gave myself some restrictions to spell the words out with objects from the garden. Giving myself 58.216666666666667 minutes in total, each letter ranging from 7 minutes (the first ‘D’) to 3 seconds (the final… Read more »

Welcome to typographic experiments

Kia ora everyone, welcome to typographic experiments. Now that my time in Vietnam is coming to an end I’ve been on a bit of a sabbatical with some extra time on my hands. So I’ve decided to start a blog with entries a couple of times a month. I’m presuming it will become a kind of visual typographic themed dairy, hopefully of which I can come back to for ideas that I can use in future projects. By no means will they be refined pieces of art. My constraints; it must involve type, I must be involved. Thats it. Could… Read more »