The creative process

Research & Concepts

Work with the client to understand the goals so they can be fulfilled to the highest standard. Research the subject matter and surrounding market, then brainstorm creative concepts.


Work with the tools that will be most effective, whether that be digital or a more interactive medium. The process of matching the most effective concepts with strong and beautiful visuals.

Development & Production

This stage includes feedback, tweaks, then perfecting the design. Finalizing the project to a point where the files are ready for display or to be sent to the printing house for production.

Meet Johnny

A creative mind with over a decade of experience in graphic design and creative direction.



Creative Director

After graduating, Johnny shipped off to Vietnam. There he worked as an art director for an advertising company which also produced the monthly magazine AsiaLIFE. This involved four years working with other designers and photographers to produce design for public events, festivals, universities and of course, the magazines. The publication later expanded to a Thailand edition, for which he became regional creative director.



Graphic Designer

With over a decade of graphic design experience, Johnny has been educated and worked in basically all forms of design. A typographic geek who is proficient with Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, After Effects, Lightroom, Final Cut, Corel Painter, Microsoft suite and the list goes on. Always pushing to keep up to date with the latest trends and technologies.




With an attention to detail and long term plans for clients, Johnny was educated in advertising. Loves creating well executed and creative brand strategies for everything from films to high-end restaurants. This has included the likes of logos, interior and exterior design, working within or creating brand guidelines, advertising campaigns and producing all kinds of print material.




Out of a real passion for the handmade, many projects have turned tactile. By creating something off the computer it can often deliver a message more successfully to the target audience and be more eye catching. An expert in creating 3D typography and geometric shapes out of all manner of materials, Johnny can bring life to design, and humor when needed.

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